FLAVIAR: A Community of Spirits Lovers

FLAVIAR: A Community of Spirits LoversBy Spirits Contributor Neal Kotlarek

After five years in the making and international growth, Flaviar is a membership-only community for spirits enthusiasts, dedicated to providing education, discovery, and unparalleled access to the world of spirits. Flaviar seeks to aid every member in developing their own tastes as they curate a home bar that is more eclectic, more exotic, and, more personal than the world’s best speakeasy.

Designed for people discovering the world of fine spirits, Flaviar plays to their motto, “Tasting is Believing.” The membership community is about taste, exploration, and quality. All members receive:
• Themed quarterly Tasting Boxes (shown here)
• Access to exclusive member-only private bottlings
• Original content on fine spirits
• Free shipping
• Exclusive offers, such as live experiences and curated regional tasting events hosted by Flaviar, distillers, and brand ambassadors alike, in select markets across the country.

Through trial and discovery, members can learn more about their favorite products from a database of currently 22,206 products, build up their virtual (and physical) home bar, and share thoughts and feedback, helping spirits novices and experts alike find their favorite spirits – from global names to small, regional craft producers.

For more information and to sign up, visit www.flaviar.com.

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