LVOV Vodka

By Spirits Contributor Neal KotlarekLVOV Vodka

[FEB 28, 2022] ROYAL WINE TAKES A STAND IN SUPPORT OF UKRAINE. In a show of solidarity with the Ukrainian victims and refugees under attack by Russian forces, Royal Wine Corp. will donate 100% of the proceeds of the sales starting on 2/24/2022 through 3/10/2022 of two of their leading vodka brands – Xdar, which is a Ukrainian vodka, and Lvov, a Polish vodka named after the Ukrainian town Lviv – to Emergency Ukraine. The donation will be at a minimum of $30,000.

“Royal Wine stands with the people of Ukraine and we demonstrate our support for their independence,” said Mordy Herzog CEO of Royal Wine Corp. “While we are all praying and hoping for peace to return to the region we feel compelled to help in a meaningful way. Civilians are putting their own lives on the line to protect democracy and national identity. As a flagship Jewish-American business, we are committed to their material and moral sustenance in their fight for freedom.”

LVOV [Luh-voff] premium Polish vodka offers excellent value for the money. Crafted in the old tradition from potatoes (and thus gluten-free), it is distilled four times, then filtered four times through an activated carbon and candle process for smoothness. It features a hint of mineral taste with a touch of sweetness, and a slightly herbal aroma. This is a refined, mellow sip to add as part of your favorite cocktail or enjoyed on its own.

Because home freezers don’t get cold enough to freeze spirits, many people (us included) like to stash their vodka there for ready-to-go enjoyment.

LVOV Smash
2 oz. LVOV Vodka
5 grapes
1 slice serrano pepper
1 lime wedge
1 sugar cube
Dash orange bitters

Directions: Muddle all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well and pour everything into a cocktail glass. Garnish with remaining serrano pepper and lime wedge.

LVOV Sparkling Sea Breeze
1½ oz. LVOV Vodka
1½ oz. cranberry juice
1½ oz. grapefruit juice
1½ cups ice cubes
1½ oz. sparkling water
1 lime wedge

Directions: Fill a cocktail shaker with vodka, juices, and ice cubes. Cover and shake. Fill a glass with sparkling water. Strain vodka mixture into sparkling water and garnish with lime wedge.

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