Episode #15 – Chrishon Lampley

An Interview with Chrishon Lampley – Episode #15

The Winervana PodcastThe founder and proprietor of Love Cork Screw and Lampley Reserve is Illinois-native Chrishon Lampley, a remarkable African American woman, and the first in the Midwest to go national with a wine brand. She is also one of the less than 1% of wine industry negociants, vineyard owners, or winery owners who are black females in the traditionally Euro-centric, white, male-dominated world of wine.

0:00: Introduction
2:20: Her start in the wine world
3:30: What challenges have you faced?
4:30: What do you know now that you wished you had at the beginning?
6:19: What keeps you up at night?
7:07: What is the favorite part of what you do?
8:00: Love Cork Screw
12:30: The Lampley
14:54: How do you continue to learn and improve?
16:10: What’s next?
19:22: What is the one wine myth you would like to debunk?

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