Episode #13 – Paul Wagner

An Interview with Paul Wagner – Episode #13

The Winervana PodcastPaul Wagner has dedicated his life to wine as an educator, award-winning author, competition judge, guest lecturer, owner of a wine-marketing firm, consultant, magazine columnist, and public-radio personality.  In this episode he discusses his teaching approach, and provocatively debunks a major myth about wine.

2:22: Career beginning
4:00: Work as a teacher
8:15: Work as a marketer
15:15: Wine snobbery
17:15: Involvement with The Great Courses
20:30: His favorite role in the world of wine
21:45: A common wine myth is debunked
29:35: How to educate your palate
36:15: His murder mystery “Danger, Falling Rocks”

Purchase Paul Wagner’s The Instant Sommelier here.

Purchase Paul Wagner’s mystery novel Danger: Falling Rocks here: