Episode #9 – Varietal-specific Wine Glasses

Varietal-specific Wine Glasses – Episode #9

The Winervana Podcast

My second guest on the Winervana podcast is me! My long-time friend Rob Young sits in the host’s chair, and we talk about varietal-specific stemware made by Riedel, and why you should consider buying some of these glasses.

You can see images of the stemware here.

The video of the conversation is here.

1:45: Why I don’t put credence in numerical ratings for wine
3:00: The thinking behind Riedel glasses
4:00: The glass for: Cabernet Sauvignon
5:15: Zinfandel
6:00: Chardonnay
7:05: Savignon Blanc
7:25: Champagne
8:30: Pinot Noir
9:20: The Riedel Sommelier line: elegant but impractical