Episode #1 – Welcome to the Winervana Podcast

Welcome to the Winervana Podcast – Episode #1

The Winervana PodcastIn this episode, wine guru Stephen Hawk introduces the Winervana podcast.  He explains his point of view on wine and how it frames the podcast.  He shares his story on how he became interested in wine.  And he enjoys a Chardonnay while doing so.

The focus will be on wine reviews, and to quote:
Wine reviews for the average wine drinker.
No pretense, no snobbery.
No numerical ratings.

00:00: Welcome and introduction
2:32: La Crema Chardonnay
3;20: Why I started Winervana
3:50: My start in wine
5:00: I drink wine, I don’t collect it
7:30: My work as a wine columnist
9:15: What I’m enthused about in the wine world today