Episode #16 – Akhil Reddy of Reddy Vineyards

An Interview with Akhil Reddy – Episode #16

The Winervana PodcastAkhil Reddy is a second-generation grape grower and winery owner living and working on 400 unlikely acres in the Texas panhandle.  We talk about his family’s journey, the challenges he faces, and his unique circular vineyard.

0:45: Introduction
1:20: Reddy’s parents journey to the U.S.
4:00: Growing grapes in Texas
7:36: Where Reddy sells his produce
9:55: Water management
12:00: One thing he wishes he had known at the beginning
13:40: Winemaker Lood Kotze
15:50: The unique Circular Vineyard
21:40: His biggest challenge now
24:10: The favorite part of what he does
29:05: What he would do with an extra $100,000
32:05: His take on the biggest myth in the wine world

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